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Singapore is home to a multicultural population and one of the most innovative countries leading the way to transform Singapore into a global city of sustainability.

EnviroSolutions & Consulting (ESC) began as a Singapore-based Private Limited environmental consultancy in 2003, initially providing planning and permitting services for the oil, gas, and chemical sector in Jurong Island. Since our inception, ESC has grown its services and is involved in large scale and high visibility projects in Singapore such as Kallang Gasworks Remediation, EHS support for data centres and technology, floating solar PV projects among others.

We have a dedicated team of professionals equipped with local knowledge and global expertise ready to provide comprehensive and integrated EHS and sustainability solutions to our ever-expanding clients.

For many years, ESC has worked with the Singapore Government such as ENV, NEA, LTA, JTC and PUB, as well as clients across industries including oil & gas, chemical, infrastructure, construction, technology, and private sector MNC & SME clients.

ESC is an approved consultant by the National Environment Agency qualified to undertake Pollution Control Study, Quantitative Risk Assessment, and Site Investigation & Remediation studies.

Our Solutions

Planning & Assessment

We help public and private sector clients understand and mitigate the potential environmental and social impacts of their infrastructure projects and investment that require them to comply with policies and standards of both international financial institutions and the countries in which the projects are to be developed.

Our comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of local and international practices, combined with our clear perception of client objectives enable the straightforward negotiation of and compliance to often opaque and unfamiliar regulatory structures.

ESC provides Environmental, Social, Health and Economic Impact Assessments, permits and compliance services for country-specific and international requirements such as the Equator Principles and IFC Performance Standards.

We have strong and successful professional relationships with regulatory authorities, extensive and up-to-date knowledge of each specific country’s legislative frameworks as well as their underpinning objectives.
Our expertise enables us to bring clarity to your projects and guide you to your desired goals so you can secure timely approvals, maximize the bankability and minimise the environmental and social risks of new projects and developments.

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EHS & Risk Management

With the continued evolution of environment, health & safety (EHS) laws, regulations, standards, and social expectations, many organisations strive to meet their EHS compliance and risk requirements carefully and efficiently.

ESC delivers flexible and purpose fit environment, health & safety, and risk management solutions to multisector clients in Asia and integrates them strategically with their day-to-day business and operations.

From government environmental policy development and enterprise-wide assessments to facility-level EHS resourcing initiatives and support, our experts provide our clients with value-added reports to mitigate and reduce EHS risks. We then proactively establish programs to manage the remaining EHS responsibilities to meet client objectives.

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International Development Aid

International financing from Donors and International Financing Institutions (IFI) provide an important line for development and improvement of lower and middle-income economies. International Development Aid (IDA) can provide crucial support for infrastructure programmes, social and gender development, environment, sustainability, and climate change adaptation.

IDA work is designed to promote poverty reduction, foster economic growth, deliver sustainable infrastructure, and strengthen institutions and stability in developing countries.

ESC has a successful working history with international donors and IFIs going back to 2010 working with the UNDP and AusAID through their Indonesia Infrastructure Initiative (IndII) programme.

International Donors and IFIs have very exacting requirements for project and programme preparation and delivery built upon stringent requirements for transparency and oversight. Our team of experienced experts understand how to deliver projects and meet these expectations without compromising standards and tight delivery timelines.

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Site Investigations & Remediation Management

We provide our clients protection from financial risks and liabilities through a range of site investigation, remediation, monitoring and site closure services. Most often identified within the acquisition and divestiture process, sub-surface contamination can entail significant liabilities such as worker health exposure, operational impact, and negative public image.

ESC provides a holistic approach to address all aspects of the remediation process and enable the efficient closure of all site issues.

Our experts conduct and manage a wide range of field services to assess whether soil sediment, groundwater and/or surface water contamination is present on the property or site. We apply scientific-proven and data-driven methods to guide our strategies for site characterization, risk identification and reduction. This is aggregated into a remediation and implementation plan that meets the requirements associated with its use and locale.

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Transaction Services

In a typical industrial transaction, EHS concerns are often the most challenging issues encountered. We create value by enabling our clients to negotiate knowledgeably and effectively control these business risks. ESC has extensive expertise in advising customers on the nature of EHS issues in their business operations and investment plans.

We provide critical, time-sensitive advice to help you manage your EHS and operational risk management during acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures and divestitures, as well as to conduct EHS due diligence for project finance including Equator Principle reviews.

Our broad experience across all aspects of environmental policy, local knowledge and global expertise enables us to anticipate EHS issues and address them before they affect transaction timeframes.

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Waste Management

Having completed numerous complex technical solid waste projects for Government, International Development and Finance agencies and Multi-National clients, our successful track record in waste management has established us as the premier consultant in this area of specialisation across Asia.

Our completed projects have covered the full waste cycle from collection to transport, transfer, recovery of recyclables to final disposal. We have covered the full range of waste types inclusive of municipal, commercial, industrial and hazardous wastes. We have consistently demonstrated our ability to identify the most appropriate waste management systems suited to the host country and project conditions.

We apply climate friendly approaches in all of our solid waste projects. ESC specialize in promoting options that can reduce emission from solid waste, including waste reduction, composting, landfill gas flaring, and waste-to-energy incineration. Many host country clients have made commitments to reduce emissions from waste under their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) prepared for the 2015 Paris Climate Change Conference (COP 21).

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Air Quality & Noise Management

ESC provides a broad range of air and noise consultancy services to address and control air quality and environmental noise. We partner with public and private sector clients to resolve air, odour, and noise issues and ensure that our solutions are balanced with your business and technical needs.

Our purpose-fit solutions help you achieve industry best practice air quality and noise standards and mitigate any impacts.

With experience from country-wide inventories and modelling to individual site studies, our skills and tools have been tested, adapted and calibrated to the local Asian context. Whether evaluating innovative policies, testing alternative scenarios, assessing project impacts or conducting monitoring programmes, we deliver secure and holistic answers based on bulletproof science and a proven track record.

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Sustainability & Climate Change

Statistics show that the recent and projected growth in global emissions, mitigation, and adaptation strategies by all major economies will require a strong commitment from all stakeholders to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

With Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) issues becoming increasingly relevant in investment practices, stakeholders are under pressure to demonstrate and integrate SDGs in their business operations.

ESC work with organisations that need to embed ESG into their strategy to build a resilient business set to thrive in the new reality and to play their part in making the world a more sustainable and better place for everyone.

With our keen insights into carbon management and energy strategy we help you to integrate sustainability into your core business decision-making processes and culture.

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