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Life Sciences Giant Outsources EHS Management to ESC in Asia-Pacific

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A global life science research company has turned to ESC’s EHS RaaS (Resources as a Service) for EHS management support in the Asia-Pacific region. The client is an industry leader in the development and manufacture of research and diagnostic products. Under EHS RaaS, ESC is providing an experienced EHS consultant to cover EHS compliance at the client’s operations in Australia, New Zealand, China, India, Japan, Korea, and Thailand. Furthermore, ESC will act as the primary point of contact for all EHS-related support requests.


The first phase of the programme will see one of ESC’s EHS consultants work part-time to conduct an extensive EHS gap analysis of the company’s various worksites. The EHS gap analysis will involve a review of all the client’s internal policies and activities to pinpoint any EHS red flags or compliance issues.


Once the findings of the gap analysis have been documented and reported to the client’s management team, ESC will provide a full-time consultant to provide dedicated, company-wide EHS management support. The senior EHS professional will provide the company with a single point of contact for all EHS-related queries and concerns in the APAC region. Furthermore, following the initial gap assessment, a detailed compliance audit for each location will be carried out, whereby ESC will take the lead in creating an EHS management programme to ensure all manufacturing locations, service centres, offices, laboratories, and distribution site locations are in compliance with the relevant regulatory and corporate standards.


As the client operates in a number of different countries in the APAC region, it faces the onerous task of understanding and adapting to various different sets of EHS regulations simultaneously. It is therefore keen to have a regional EHS manager in place who can adjust corporate policy depending on the respective jurisdictional requirements.


In making use of ESC’s EHS RaaS programme, the client can avoid the inconvenience of hiring its own EHS manager. With EHS specialists so highly sought-after nowadays, finding the candidate with the right credentials and relevant experience in the region would have been a difficult task.


ESC’s rigorously vetted consultants have a deep familiarity with national EHS regulations across the APAC region. Having consulted for tech, lodging, private equity, manufacturing, and logistics companies in the region, the company has developed a strong working relationship with the agencies that enforce the laws in a wide range of commercial sectors. In outsourcing its EHS management to ESC, the client will be able to tap into this wealth of expertise and regional experience. In turn, this will help the client keep its workers in the region happy, healthy, and safe, and ensure that it remains in compliance with regulations in all locations at all times.


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