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EHS RaaS: How outsourcing bridges the EHS operation gap

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For years it has been commonplace for companies to outsource the running and maintenance of their IT systems to outside professionals. And it makes sense – instead of setting up a whole company department dedicated to something which is outside your company’s core expertise, a third party can simply be brought in to manage it for you. In recent years, an increasing number of companies have begun to use the same model to address their environmental, health, and safety (EHS) needs without increasing the company’s headcount. Often, the need for such human resources is only temporarily elevated, and so it would be inconvenient to go out and employ the staff directly. ESC, with its EHS Resources-as-a-Service (RaaS) solution, is one company which is supplying this growing outsourcing demand for experienced and qualified EHS professionals on a needs basis.

When might companies utilise EHS RaaS?

For regional EHS management

EHS regulations and culture can vary drastically from country to country, and so multinational corporations cannot afford to have a single set of EHS company policies for company-wide use. Increasingly, especially in the tech sector, such multinationals are choosing to take on a regional EHS manager who looks for the best fit between corporate policies and national, regional, or local context into which they should be applied. In obtaining these skills through EHS RaaS, such companies can be sure of the quality of the consultants they are getting, as well as their region-specific experience.

During transition periods

When a company is starting out or going through a period of transition, such as during an acquisition or merger, or when moving into a new jurisdiction, EHS expertise may be required to assist with meeting sustainability targets, staff training, workplace compliance issues, correct EHS documentation, and so on. During such transitory periods, instead of adding extra personnel to the company payroll, with EHS RaaS, a company can get the human resources they need for the period of time they are required.

During construction or facility closures

During large-scale construction projects, it is becoming more common for companies to hire a specialist construction safety advisor to assist their main contractor in maintaining rigorous safety standards and ensuring compliance with all applicable health and safety regulations. Contracting an “outsider” for such a consultancy role can reduce the likelihood of corners being cut on the construction site, and thus reduce the chances of an accident occurring.

The decommissioning of sites involved in the use or production of hazardous materials can require very specific expertise which is in high demand and short supply globally. By using EHS RaaS, a company can get fast-track access to the specific skills they need to proceed with such complex and sensitive undertakings.

Why outsource with EHS RaaS?

There are numerous reasons why EHS outsourcing is growing in popularity. Here we list five:

  • Save money by reducing the amount of human resources spent on the hiring process, and avoiding overstaffing issues during periods of stability.
  • Reduce risk and liability at your workplace by letting trained experts deal with health and safety policies.
  • Improve safety by having your workplace audited by a trained health and safety professional and have your staff trained in best health and safety practices.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance by getting access to country-specific expertise on rules and regulations.
  • Have more time to focus on your business by letting experts handle all the troublesome but essential EHS considerations.

Custom-fit EHS resources solution

Whether it’s a temporary EHS “quick-fix”, or a more long-term arrangement that your company needs, ESC’s EHS RaaS can provide highly qualified EHS consultants to fill the skills and knowledge gap facing your company. We set the bar very high in terms of our own hiring process, and so by entrusting ESC to fill your EHS human resource requirements with EHS RaaS, you can be sure that you will be getting some of the most experienced, qualified, and rigorously-vetted EHS professionals out there. Contact our EHS consultants if you want to learn more about how ESC can help your business with EHS RaaS

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