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ESC undertakes Environmental Liability Assessment for a leading oil & gas company

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ESC conducted an Environmental Liability Assessment in 2021 for a high-volume fuel storage facility including over 20km of above and underground fuel pipelines.

About the Project

ESC advised a confidential oil & gas multinational Client on their long-term liability related to potential future soil and groundwater impact at their leased fuel storage facility with over 100 million liters of fuel storage. The site had experienced previous spills during their lease period and had conducted site remediation to clean up the spills.

The Client’s challenge was to understand the likelihood of such spills to occur again in the future and its financial and other implications on their business, to evaluate their investment now and in the future upon end of the long-term lease. 

Our Approach

Through the implementation of this assessment, including desktop review of historical data and interviews, ESC was able to provide the Client with a ballpark estimate of their liability at the end of their lease period based on the occurrence of historical spills and projection of future spills. The analysis was based on most likely case and reasonable worst-case scenarios and took into consideration contractual clauses in the lease agreement and the wider Singapore setting, including local soil and groundwater guidelines. 


Upon completion of the interviews and desktop review, ESC was able to provide a liability assessment presentation that was converted into a brief report that clearly provided the client with the anticipated risk and potential for future spills and associated liability.

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Client Testimonials

ESC thinks out of the box. They can come up with conventional solutions. But they are better in providing a solution fit for the company - one that feeds your organization. 

ESC is focused on helping us solve our problem. Even if it means sometimes going out of the scope of what was originally agreed upon. So as a client, I can focus all my efforts on solving the problem.

William Wong

Head of Technical, Chemical Specialties

We had no experience at first in dealing with Safety Cases and dealing with authority. When we have an issue, we ask ESC. Just one look at it, ESC already knows what to do. They  advise us accordingly and professionally and tell us what to do what to follow and to know. Our partnership with them produced good results.

Mohamed Suhaimi

SHEQ Manager, Banyan Caverns

I do appreciate the times when ESC was there to help with an open channel and service-oriented communication. Ease of communication is what separates ESC from other consultants.

Mohamed Fareed

Regional Environmental Health and Safety Manager, AirTrunk

We appointed ESC to review all historical data related to our site. They demonstrated a very high level of technical expertise and understanding of the JTC EBS Guidelines which proved invaluable in our response to JTC. ESC was extremely responsive and we are very satisfied with the outcome.

Charles Madhavan

Director, Mid-Continent Equipment Group

Every client’s challenge is unique. Our purpose-fit solutions can help you overcome your EHS and Sustainability challenges.