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May, 2022

ESC secures regulatory permitting contract from global manufacturing giant

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A leading global semiconductor foundry company has awarded ESC the contract to carry out regulatory permitting studies for the development of its new manufacturing facility in Singapore.


To get the go-ahead to begin construction in July 2022 as planned, the company needs to prove that the building plans meet the environmental, health and safety standards set by the Singaporean National Environmental Agency (NEA) and the Major Hazard Department (MHD). Given the site’s close proximity to a public housing complex, ESC’s environmental consultants are tasked with assessing the building plans to make sure that all possible measures have been taken to limit the project’s impact on the environment and the local community.


ESC has been contracted to carry out five separate permitting planning studies on the development site including a Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA), which is required by the MHD to green-light the project, and a Pollution Control Study (PCS) to ensure that any environmental impacts of the project falls within limits set by the NEA. Additionally, ESC has been enlisted to undertake a Site Impact Assessment (SSIA) and to conduct air dispersion, and noise modelling.


The fully integrated nature of ESC’s consultancy services was a  key factor in clinching the deal, as instead of having to enlist the services of various companies, the client had a one-stop solution for reviewing all their regulatory due diligence prior to construction.


Securing such an important contract from a global manufacturing giant represents a major business coup for ESC, and reflects its growing reputation as one of the most trusted environment, safety, and sustainability solutions providers in Asia.


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