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April, 2020

More Singapore-based companies are taking their QEHS online with BlueKanGo

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Oil & Gas – Banyan Caverns Storage Services (BCSS) implements ESC’s BlueKanGo e-Permit to Work System.

Banyan Caverns operates a 180,000 m3 underground crude oil storage facility, 130 metres below Singapore’s Jurong Island. BlueKanGo electronic Permit to Work (e-PTW) system is ready to go live in as little as 4 weeks, and is providing a wealth of benefits for BCSS, including a 50% reduction in administrative hours over and above a paper-based system.

In an industry where safety is key, the e-PTW platform provides management with greater visibility on active permits, enhanced control and monitoring of sub-contractor’s work practices and an increased confidence in the consistency and accuracy of the information contained within each permit, creating a safer working environment for all!

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