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ESC completes environmental baseline survey for AAPowerLink megaproject

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As environmental and social consultant for Sun Cable’s Australia-Asia PowerLink (AAPL) project, ESC recently completed a marine environmental baseline survey along the Indonesian coast. The AAPL project will link what will become the world’s biggest solar farm in Australia’s Northern Territories to Singapore via an undersea cable. ESC is on assignment to secure regulatory approval and a marine location permit for the cable’s passage through Indonesian territorial waters.


ESC’s environmental experts – Rafeldy Noviar, Atep Hermawan, and Dea Amelia – embarked on a 20-day expedition aboard a vessel along the Indonesian territorial water to assess the current state of coastal and marine environmental conditions before construction begins for the proposed development of a 3.2 GW solar farm.

With extensive knowledge of marine ecology and coastal engineering, the team collected samples at different sampling locations as part of evaluating the impacts on the surrounding environment using a variety of methodologies, including characterisation of natural habitat, plankton, benthos, sediments, and measurement of water quality parameters. The samples and data collected will provide a baseline to measure the potential direct and indirect impacts of the AAPL project on marine environment, biodiversity or ecosystem where communities or livelihoods might be affected.


Once completed, the project will position Australia as a leader in decarbonising the Indo-Pacific region. Since 2020, ESC has been working closely with Sun Cable and regulatory authorities in Indonesia to develop the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) to secure regulatory approval for the construction and operation of the project.


With its vast experience in gaining regulatory approval for green energy projects across Asia, ESC is helping Sun Cable stay on track to begin the construction of AAPL in 2024. The essential work ESC is doing contributes to accelerating the shift toward the use of renewable energy sources.


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