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Multinational Construction Manufacturer Awards ESC with LCA and EPD Project in Thailand

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A multinational manufacturer of building and construction materials has recently awarded ESC the project to create a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for their manufacturing facility in Songkhla, Thailand. This privately owned manufacturer has a global presence in 90+ countries, with 80 raw materials processing plants, 300 manufacturing plants, and over 41,500 dedicated employees worldwide. 


By executing this LCA project with ESC, the manufacturer aims to identify emission hotspots in their supply chain and apply targeted solutions to reduce product-related emissions. This move aligns with the growing consumer preference for sustainable construction materials and helps the manufacturers establish themselves as frontrunners in sustainability within the construction industry.


In the LCA study, ESC is analyzing the manufacturing facility’s environmental impact throughout its life cycle. This includes evaluating energy consumption, raw material consumption, transport, waste generation, and end-of-life processes associated with their products. 


ESC’s sustainability consultants draw on their significant experience and regulatory expertise to ensure that their LCA study is compliant with international regulations and standards. Specifically, they adhere to the ISO 14040/44 and Environmental Product Declaration guidelines. This commitment to internationally recognized standards not only maintains the assessment’s integrity and reliability but also instills confidence in stakeholders and consumers.  


As global markets prioritize sustainability, developing EPDs has become a strategic requirement for businesses in various industries. ESC’s commitment to providing innovative solutions highlights its position as a pioneer sustainability consultancy that works with global manufacturing facilities to improve operations, lower carbon footprints, and enhance efficiency. By partnering with ESC, companies can not only meet the demands of a changing market but also contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.


For businesses seeking guidance and support in adopting responsible and environmentally conscious practices, ESC offers expert assistance. Contact us today to learn how our sustainability consultants can help your business achieve its environmental goals.