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May, 2023

ESC’s Life Cycle Assessment Study Advances Press Metal’s Decarbonisation Goals

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ESC has secured another contract from Press Metal, a public-listed Malaysian-based company and global leader in aluminum production, to conduct a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study for their Alumina production facility in Bintan, Indonesia. Previously, Press Metal engaged ESC to conduct a Life Cycle Assessment on their Aluminum production facility and is now looking to expand the scope of their study to assess the emissions associated with their Alumina production, which is the primary material used in their Aluminum production.


The study, which complies to ISO 14040 and 14044 international standards, will provide Press Metal with an accurate environmental impact analysis of the emissions associated with their alumina production and supporting processes, through a cradle-to-gate approach. The Life Cycle Assessment will be looking at the emissions associated with the entire production process of the Alumina facility – from raw materials, energy consumption, transportation and waste generation providing an in-depth picture of the product’s emissions throughout the manufacturing process covering Scope 1, Scope 2, and selected emission categories from Scope 3.


By partnering with ESC for this Life Cycle Assessment study, Press Metal aims to gain a better understanding of their process emissions and become one of the pioneers in the industry to provide transparency and commitments to reducing their carbon footprint and environmental impacts throughout their production line. The Life Cycle Assessment study will serve as a testament to Press Metal’s dedication to environmental responsibility and their efforts to promote sustainable practices within the industry. 


In addition to providing an accurate analysis of the environmental impact of the aluminum project facility, the Life Cycle Assessment conducted by ESC also helps Press Metal meet local regulations and identifies areas for improvement to minimize environmental impacts throughout the product life cycle. By conducting a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment, Press Metal will gain valuable insights and make informed decisions to reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impacts. 


With over two decades of experience in Asia, ESC has established a strong reputation for delivering intelligent, innovative, and practical technical expertise while minimizing risks and uncertainties. Our team understands the significance of ISO-compliant Life Cycle Assessment studies in industries that prioritize environmental sustainability, including manufacturing and mining sectors. By ensuring regulatory compliance and identifying areas for improvement, we add value to our clients projects and enhance their credibility, professionalism, and reputation in the eyes of investors, regulators, and consumers. 


ESC’s commitment to provide client-oriented sustainability and climate change solutions has solidified our position as an industry leader. With extensive regional experience and a team of highly skilled sustainability consultants, we possess in-depth local knowledge and global expertise. Our unwavering dedication lies in assisting our regional corporate clients, governments, and multilateral agencies in achieving their sustainability goals while simultaneously maximizing profits. 


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