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Global eye care manufacturer adopts ESC legal register in Singapore

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We are pleased to announce that one of the world’s largest eye care manufacturing companies has selected ESC to provide screened legal register services for its operations in Singapore. This new partnership will enable the client to manage all of its environment, health & safety (EHS), Singapore Standards (SS), and Approved Code of Practices (ACOP) compliance on a single database, making it easier to meet regulatory standards. 


As part of the deal, our EHS consultant will prepare a bespoke legal register tailored to Singapore operations and provide quarterly legal register updates so the client can be confident that no new piece of legislation will pass under its radar. The legal register, once delivered, will enable the client to review all relevant laws applicable to the Singapore operations and assess their practical implications in terms of day-to-day risk management, planning, and training, and ensure that they comply not only with the mandatory regulations but also with the Good Management Practices (GMP) standard. 


ESC’s EHS legal register services are becoming increasingly popular in Asia. Businesses in the energy, aerospace, relocation, biotech, chemical, and technology sectors are signing new contracts and putting them into action locally and across regional sites to ensure they remain compliant and meet regulatory requirements. 


Contact ESC for more information on how our Legal Register services can help to ease your company’s compliance difficulties.