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ESC to Develop ESMS for 500 MW Rooftop Solar Project in Vietnam

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SP Group, a leading utilities group in the Asia Pacific, and renewable energy company BCG Energy selected ESC to develop an Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) for their rooftop solar projects in Vietnam. The projects consist of thirty rooftop solar sites with the goal of generating 500 MW of power by 2025.


In 2021, SP Group and BCG Energy signed a partnership to explore solar power projects in Vietnam. Their joint venture is targeting Vietnam’s overarching ambition of having a 30% share of electricity from renewable energy sources by 2030. The 500 MW rooftop solar will be installed on industrial zones and manufacturing facilities across Vietnam over the next few years.


The ESMS will align with the environmental and social (E&S) requirements set by the World Bank to secure a loan from DBS Bank in Singapore. It will provide a comprehensive framework for addressing environmental and social concerns and mitigation strategies to minimise project-related impacts. Upon completion, the project sites will integrate the ESMS into their operations.


ESC will also prepare a stakeholder engagement plan to identify those potentially affected by the project’s activities and ensure their input is considered in decision-making. This process is essential for collecting valuable feedback from participants and for addressing any concerns they may raise. Additionally, an Environmental & Social Monitoring Report (ESMR) will be developed to ensure that the project consistently aligns with E&S frameworks.  


ESC’s extensive expertise in renewable energy and strong partnerships with industry players like DBS, SP Group, SP Power, and BCG make them the ideal choice for this assignment. The company has put forward an expert team to ensure the project conforms to all local and international environmental and social standards.


The selection of ESC positions them as the go-to consultancy for companies and governments alike, seeking expertise in energy transition. The BCG-SP rooftop solar project further solidifies ESC’s renewable energy portfolio in Asia, which now stands at 15GW.


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