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May, 2020

ESC undertakes in-depth Environmental Impact Study at one of the World’s Largest Floating Solar PV Systems

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The Public Utilities Board project at Tengeh Reservoir in Singapore will install a 60 MWp (Megawatt peak) floating solar PV system that will cover approximately one-third of the reservoir surface.

As an expert in the field of environmental impact assessments, we were appointed to understand the potential impacts of installing the solar PV system on the water quality and flora and fauna of the reservoir, as well as carrying out the environmental monitoring and management plan (EMMP) for pre, during and post-construction of the project.

This study involved extensive survey work including setting camera traps to record animals, carrying out in-depth surveys of the flora and fauna and analyzing water quality, aspects we have great experience in.

The Tengeh Reservoir solar PV system is just one of several renewable energy projects which are driving Singapore towards more sustainable methods of energy production. With land scarce in Singapore and solar energy developments requiring significant amounts of space, the large surface areas of Singapore’s reservoirs present great potential for solar energy generation. Solar energy is presently considered the most technically and economically viable renewable energy option for Singapore.