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May, 2020

ESC preparing Indonesia’s first IFC compliant EIA

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ESC has a long history of producing Environmental Impact Assessments for high profile energy, waste, and remediation projects throughout South East Asia. However, the assessment at the Abadi Gas Fields is the first in Indonesia to seek to integrate the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) comprehensive requirements into the robust Indonesian EIA process. The LNG project is being jointly developed by Inpex and the Indonesian government, at US$20bn represents one of the world’s biggest-ever export ventures. IFC’s mission is to boost sustainable growth in Indonesia.

The Abadi Gas Fields, lying 93 miles offshore of Maluku in the Arafura sea, were discovered by Inpex in 2000 and represent one of the largest gas fields ever discovered in Indonesian waters.

For projects of this scale, it is important and moreover a legal requirement, that developers conduct a detailed assessment of the potential impacts which the development may have on the physical environment, ecology, and diverse societies with strong traditional and customary ties to the region.  As a leader in our field, with a strong background in producing EIAs for the petroleum industry in Indonesia and applying IFC PS requirements to large projects, we bring with us a deep understanding of the local regulatory framework and unique challenges which projects of this magnitude can present.