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February, 2022

ESC in 2022 recruitment drive amid growing demand for green energy

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Asia’s leading environment, safety, and sustainability consultancy firm ESC has announced an expansion plan that will see the company fill numerous posts across offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam in 2022. The company is looking to increase its workforce to meet the growing demand for its consultancy services as the transition to green energy reliance gathers pace across the region.


The announcement comes on the back of a successful 2021 for ESC, as an uptick in regional demand for renewable energy sources like wind, solar, hydro, and biofuel enabled the company to expand its client base. ESC is also well positioned to profit from the more recent trend towards green data centres which makes use of energy-efficient technologies.


The recruitment drive is part of ESC’s plan to help governments, financial aid institutions, and businesses in emerging economies in ensuring a more sustainable, climate-safe, and resilient future for their projects whilst assisting its clients to meet regulatory standards.


“Having the right people in the right positions is part of our long-term success. We’re very pleased to be moving into our next phase of expansion and to grow our workforce in 2022,” said Andrew Young, ESC Group Director.


As ESC looks to expand its operations, new employees will benefit from contributing to the company’s success in a sector with potential for exponential growth and be part of the largest locally owned environmental consultancy firm in Asia.


If you are interested in working for ESC, click here to see a list of vacancies.