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ESC Leads Environmental & Social Impact Assessment of 150 MW Onshore Wind Farm Project in Vietnam

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ESC is pleased to announce its recent success in securing the Environmental & Social Impact Assessment in Vietnam. This 150 MW onshore wind farm project in northern Vietnam is a significant addition to ESC’s expanding portfolio of renewable energy experience in the country and throughout Asia. The company now boasts an impressive capacity of 910-megawatt wind farm projects in Vietnam and 16 gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy experience in this field. 


The awarded project involves a comprehensive Environmental & Social Impact Assessment aimed at supporting the wind farm’s development in alignment with both local environmental standards and international financial criteria. ESC’s selection for this project is a testament to its proven expertise and successful track record in renewable energy projects across the continent. 


To ensure the project’s success, ESC assembled a multidisciplinary team of specialists in environmental, social, and biodiversity aspects from Vietnam and its international experts in Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia. This diverse team is tasked with conducting extensive biodiversity surveys, environmental & social impact assessments, and engaging with local communities to gain useful insights. 


By actively involving the community throughout the evaluation process, ESC ensures that their concerns and interests are addressed, establishing a sense of ownership and support for the wind farm development. This inclusive method not only improves evaluation accuracy but also conforms to international standards and rules, meeting the requirements of foreign lenders. 


This onshore wind farm project in Vietnam also contributes to the country’s efforts in achieving its greenhouse gas emissions target by 2050. ESC’s work in Vietnam highlights its commitment to facilitating the energy transition. The company provides invaluable support to renewable energy project developers and assists organisations across a broad range of fields such as infrastructure, finance, energy, utilities, and international development aid. Through their work, they play a crucial role in enabling organisations to achieve their goals for carbon neutrality.  


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