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April, 2023

ESC prepares EIA Study for 100 MWP Construction of Singapore FPV Solar Farm

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ESC is conducting the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) based study required to assess and collect data on the impacts of the reservoir development on the ecosystem, water quality, and environment around Singapore’s Lower Seletar Reservoir.


ESC is a leading company with 20 years of experience in environmental, safety, and sustainability consulting, collaborating with public and private clients to assess the sustainability of the 100 MWP floating photovoltaics (FPV) Solar Farm Development.


In this project, we tried to conduct a technical and non-technical ecological baseline assessment with a large team of environmental experts to provide reliable results on how FPV development impacts the surrounding environment.


Our experts are conducting the environmental baseline assessments using various methods to get accurate results on FPV development’s impact on the reservoir’s ecosystem, including flora and fauna studies, air quality and noise, and water and sediment quality changes.


Using these three methodological approaches, we can get accurate data on the impacts of the Floating Solar Farm construction, which our environmental consultants will use to complete EIA surveys during and after construction.


We are also complementing our survey with a meteorological data approach by collecting accurate data on the direct impacts of the floating solar system installation on pH, sedimentation, temperature, water quality, and the ecosystems present in the reservoir.


By using the Water Quality Modeling method, we assess the potential short- and long-term impacts that may occur during the project.


From the various approaches, surveys, and research methods that ESC used, our team is also able to prepare, evaluate and obtain accurate data through an EIA with all the essential information needed to assess the construction of a 100 MWp Floating Solar Photovoltaic (FPV) System located on Lower Seletar Reservoir in Singapore.


As Asia’s leading environment, safety, and sustainability solutions provider, ESC is pleased to partner with this project, which will help Singapore achieve its energy goals of becoming a carbon-neutral economy and increasing the proportion of power produced from renewable sources.


Our numerous successful renewable energy projects in Singapore enable us to deliver comprehensive and purpose-fit solutions to implement the most appropriate response for our energy sector clients.


Contact us to find out more about our renewable energy projects and ESC’s involvement in this project, and we’ll be happy to provide you with the information you need to make your project a success.