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August, 2022

ESC to deliver multi-jurisdiction Legal Register to global aerospace company

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We are pleased to announce that a global aerospace, engineering, and defence company have contracted ESC to provide screened legal register services for its operations in Brunei, France, Singapore, and Western Australia. This new partnership will allow the client to centrally manage all of its environment, health, and safety (EHS) compliance on a single database, making it easier to meet regulatory standards.

Under the terms of the deal, our EHS consultants will prepare a bespoke legal register tailored to the client’s operations in the respective countries and provide subsequent legal register updates. Upon delivery, the legal register will allow the client to review all relevant laws applicable to the operations in each country and assess their practical implications in terms of day-to-day risk management, planning, training, and so on.

Maintaining compliance simultaneously in multiple jurisdictions can be a minefield for multinational companies. One of the key benefits of the ESC Legal Register is the ability for the client to check all applicable rules of a given type in one country and instantly see how they compare to those in others. Gaining access to such a valuable source of up-to-date legal information will provide the client with a better understanding of what activities and processes need to be in place to ensure compliance within the countries they operate and reduce the workload on their EHS compliance team.

In compiling such a large quantity of legal data from different parts of the world, ESC benefits from its membership in the Inogen Alliance, a tight-knit, global network of leading Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHS&S) consultancy firms, each with its own regional expertise in dealing with EHS&S regulations. The ability to leverage its close relationship with some of the world’s top EHS consultants allows ESC to provide Legal Register services which are truly global in reach but tailored to fit the regional and local requirements of the project.

Contact ESC for more information on how our Legal Register services can help to ease your company’s compliance issues.