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A leading oil & gas company commissioned ESC to conduct a HAZOP study

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Jurong Island, Singapore: ESC is pleased to announce that one of the largest Oil & Gas/ Petrochemical companies (“the Client”) in the world has awarded us a Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) study for the recent development in Jurong Island, Singapore. As one of the approaches in conducting Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), HAZOP is a structured and systematic review of a process or operation to identify, evaluate, prevent and mitigate any potential issues to personnel or equipment. This partnership will assist the Client to manage the risks arising from its operation.

Prior to this appointment, the Client selected ESC as the preferred EHS consultant in Singapore to carry out a Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) for the said development. ESC has successfully obtained QRA In-Principle No Objection Letter from Singapore’s Major Hazard Department (MHD) after several rounds of clarification. The Client commended the continuous support and appreciated the remarkable effort, including strong technical knowledge, demonstrated by ESC’s team.

ESC believes that this project will ensure the Client’s process safety standard is met, fulfilling the MHD requirement stated in the QRA approval letter, and eventually leading to a safer working place for everyone involved.