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October, 2021

ESC launches new EHS Legislation updating service Legal Register Lite

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ESC today announced Legal Register Lite, an online EHS Legislation updating service. Legal Register Lite is a single platform tool that provides a database summary of EHS Legislation records and receives regular updates on changes in regulatory requirements. Legal Register Lite is a simple solution that helps organisations stay up-to-date with relevant local or international legislation for Environment, Health & Safety compliance.   


“With this new service line, we are confident that we can serve our clients in a holistic manner to manage their compliance requirements” says Sabine, Managing Principal at ESC. “The legal register will provide our clients easy access to all relevant EHS regulations in Singapore and beyond.” 


Features and benefits of Legal Register Lite include: 

  • Customised EHS Legal Register tailored to fit your organisation’s regulatory compliance. 
  • Frequent regulatory reviews to check for updates or changes to the regulations. 
  • Legal Register update service provided by EHS Consultant.  
  • Summary of EHS Legislation systematically documented by EHS expert in spreadsheet format. 
  • Available in multi-jurisdictions 
  • Unlimited users for the platform 

The EHS Legal Register service provided by ESC assists organisations in adapting to an ever-changing regulatory environment. Our dedicated EHS Consultants have thorough understanding of the local environment, regulations, policies and practices that helps organisations to understand unfamiliar regulatory structures, to identify and implement the most applicable laws and regulations. 

ESC helps companies to assess and build the EHS Legal Register and provide regular updates to help you comply with the regulations in your region. ESC can also provide consultation services to ensure compliance to all your legal requirements. Now, our clients can have an easy understanding of the laws and regulations that apply to their business.  


Legal Register Lite will be available from October 2021. For more information or to request a demo, contact us.