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The rise of EHS Resources as a Service (RaaS) in the construction of data centres

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The internet connects billions of people throughout the world, and the need for internet resources is continuously growing as users increase exponentially.

Data centres are the cornerstones of providing this need seamlessly. One of our clients is a best-in-class hyper-scale data centre specialist that creates platforms for cloud, content, and large enterprise customers across the Asia-Pacific region.

Hyper-scale data centers are massive business-critical facilities designed to efficiently support robust, scalable applications and are often associated with big data-producing companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft.

These huge data centres require a large amount of space and energy to operate and maintain. The need for such facilities is further fueled by Singapore’s increasing need for cloud adoption.

Our client designed and constructed these data centres to provide customers with a scalable and sustainable data centre solution at a significantly lower building and operating cost compared to similar solutions in the market.

The opening of their data centre in 2020 marks a new opportunity for ESC to provide EHS resources for our client’s data centre construction projects within Asia, predominantly in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and Australia.

ESC as EHS & Risk Management Consultant

Due to the project’s urgency and its simultaneous regional development, the construction sites must be managed safely and efficiently by an EHS professional.

EHS RaaS is a cost-effective and alternative solution for organisations seeking experienced environmental professionals to develop environmental, health & safety (EHS) policies.

ESC’s regional presence makes it easy to meet the clients’ requirements and deploy EHS professionals throughout the whole construction phases of the data centres. Through EHS RaaS, a senior EHS Consultant and Specialist were deployed to provide compliance support and provide in-country EHS assurance support in accordance with the client’s EHS policies and management system.

The client unveiled the project in December 2020. It was not only the largest independent data centre in Singapore, but it was also built with an industry-low Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), making it the most efficient facility in the country.

ESC, as the EHS & Risk Management consultant, is proud to be part of this monumental project. Throughout the construction phases, the client was able to overcome EHS construction challenges posed by the pandemic through our holistic approach and deployment of EHS professionals in managing their EHS compliance.

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